Music vs CJ
I have over 52 days worth of music on my computer,plus 100s or CD's and records, trust me, I got opinions for days.

Music is Life

Anyone that loves music has said this at least once in their life, I live by it, you can guarantee unless I’m in church or I’m doing some important ish, that I’m gonna have my headphones in my ears turned up or my Speakers blaring. - CJ

Quote Of The Day #12

"Tell them niggas free Meeshi, ho
Some way, free Breezy ho”Bobby Schmurda, Hot Nigga

Let a rapper tell me I ain’t better than whoever’s out, I’mma knock ‘em out his Force 1’s once I air ‘em out

- Kendrick Lamar (via kendrickkilledmyvibe)

(via kendricklduckworth)